2018 Industry Meeting – A Success

It was another successful Industry Meeting, noted WOGCC Sr. PR Specialist Kimberly Mazza, who organizes the event.  Over 190 guests attended the Industry Meeting’s opening reception and over 100 attendees participated in the Industry Meetings panels and table-top discussions. 

For the last two years, the industry training session has been held during the Oil and Gas Fair and EORI conference.  According to Mazza, this provides an opportunity for those who come to the Industry Meeting to also participate in the Fair. “We have heard great feedback with this new structure, and we have also seen more diversity in those attending our training.”  

Governor Matt Mead spoke at the reception, thanking the hard work of the WOGCC staff.  Each Governor serves as the chair on the Commission during his term.  Over his eight years as Governor, Mead has been actively involved in the hearings as a Commissioner.  

Three panels presented during the Industry Meeting.  The Case for Public Relations addressed the need for better communication between operators and stakeholders.  “It is  

Samson Energy’s Steve Trujillo represented the industry on the panel and discussed how the company approaches their operations with a neighborly spirit.  “We are committed to working closely with our lessors, surface owners, and communities,” stated Trujillo.  He went on to provide examples of how Samson builds relationships, transparency, and trust by reaching out and communicating with neighbors, landowner organizations as well as city and county officials to help keep them informed of their operations and plans. important that Oil and Gas companies be good neighbors and that surface owners also understand that oil and gas companies are not going to go away.  Finding workable solutions for both parties is what everyone should be striving for,” stated Mazza. 

Wrapping up the PR panelists was landowner Barry Bruns who not only reiterated the need for good relationships but highlighted the importance of working together and finding the common interests between landowners and oil and gas operators.  He ended by saying this leads to a win/win/win situation.

The second panel featured the WOGCC engineering staff who touched on wells spacing, APDs, sundries and current issues they deal with.  A six-month average shows about 1200 APDs submitted to the WOGCC per month.  Priority approvals go to the APDS that are on a drill schedule or offset APDs.  The engineers also stressed that operators submit their APDs through the new RBDMS program versus paper submissions which end up with a later submittal date and the potential to lose their place in line to being granted operatorship. 

The last half of the Industry Meeting involved table-talk discussions and provided an opportunity for operators to meet one-on-one with WOGCC staff members.  It was a time to not only meet the WOGCC employees in person but to also ask questions and have a meaningful discussion.The third panel’s subject was the WOGCC Hearings.  The panelists gave an overview of the Commissions docket, important dates, and how to properly file a docket application.  They also noted how many filings they receive per month.

The WOGCC staff would like to thank all those that attended and helped make the event rewarding and a success.