Community Pride

The Wyoming Oil and Gas Conservation Commission office building is located along the beautiful Platte River trail system.  All year long people can be seen walking their pets on these trails, but in the heat of summer, it can get mighty hot.  On the south side of the trail system where the WOGCC office building sits, there is limited shade and water is not available.  

When Supervisor Mark Watson would look out his office windows, he would often see dogs panting as they strolled by. That's when the idea of a water bowl occurred to him.  

With a little research and ingenuity, the WOGCC soon installed a continuous watering bowl outside their offices.  "We are a pet-loving group here," stated Supervisor Mark Watson, who has two dogs of his own.  "It was a lot of fun making this happen."

The water has recently been turned on and the signs are up for the season.  As it gets hot out there, pets can now find a nice respite from the heat of the day while enjoying their walk!

A big thank you to Benny Alcala, who heads up WOGCC's maintenance, for building the frame and installing the bowl and signs.