The WOGCC wanted to do something to say "Thank You" to the firefighters of Natrona County for all of their efforts during this exceptional fire season.  A call went out to the WOGCC employees for baked goods to fill two baskets - one for the westside station in Mills and one for the eastside.  "We have some really good bakers at our offices," stated WOGCC PR Specialist Kimberly Mazza.  "It was the perfect idea, and so many donated that we had to use additional containers to hold everything.  The baskets simply weren't big enough. It was really quite moving to have such a response from our folks." 

The baskets were filled with banana bread loaves, muffins, cookies, caramel popcorn, sausage and crackers,and gift certificates for carry-out dining.  

The whole idea started with Nikki Oliver, Senior Human Resource Associate at the WOGCC and also a Natrona County resident.  "My family and I are deeply aware of how critical the fire departments are to the county and for keeping my family and property safe. Several of our employees are county residents, and I felt it would be a thoughtful gesture to do something for the firefighters."

WOGCC employees DeeAnne Parker and Kimberly Mazza delivered the goodies.  Both fire departments were grateful, and the firefighters who were on call and who were available to take the baskets promised they'd be sure to share with the crews!