Karla Sanford moved to Wyoming from Texas in 1972 when she was 19 years old and started her career path in oil and gas in 1980 at the Naval Petroleum Reserve No. 3 (NPR-3/Teapot Dome). Over the course of 18 years she worked under several prime contractors as an office assistant, a production clerk, and then as the field office manager.  Along with gaining a deep knowledge of the oil and gas industry, she also performed the function of policy & procedures analyst, which is initially how she became interested in law.


During this time at the NPR-3 Karla also discovered a deep desire for learning.  In 1982, she received her GED certificate, and then went on to attend Casper College.  Loving English composition so much, she enrolled in English and literature for five semesters along with other general education classes!


In 1998, when the Department of Energy initiated a reduction in force (RIF) of NPR-3 contractor personnel, Karla raised her hand for the RIF and moved to Montana to continue her learning.  Receiving her A.S. degree in paralegal studies at the University of Great Falls, she went to work as a paralegal, first with a probate/estate attorney in Conrad, MT and eventually for a family/civil law attorney in Great Falls. 


Karla returned to Wyoming and worked for a company that owned and operated coal bed methane wells. Eventually, Casper drew her back where she worked for a law firm as a legal secretary.  Upon hearing that the Oil & Gas Commission was looking for an assistant for the Oil & Gas Supervisor and preferred someone with not only an oil & gas background, but also a legal background, she jumped on the chance and was offered the position.


That was in 2003 when Karla started as the administrative assistant for then WOGCC Supervisor Don Likwatrz.  Eight years later she stepped into the legal assistant position which she still holds today.   With all of her learning and over the course of her years of experience, Karla holds a deep understanding of the regulatory agency and administrative law.


When she isn’t hammering out the agency’s hearing docket each month, she spends time with her husband Greg, two daughters, four grandchildren and four great grandchildren.  She and Greg enjoy playing golf, fishing and camping, but if anyone knows Karla, they know that it is animals, and dogs, in particular that she LOVES, LOVES, LOVES.  She is a huge advocate of adopting shelter dogs and cats.