Kathy Hutton is the Wyoming Oil and Gas Conservation Commission Office Manager.  She is a Casper native and is no stranger to Wyoming’s great outdoors.  She grew up loving to “rough it” and camp and was a member of the Camp Fire Girls from grade school through high school.

A 1969 graduate of Kelly Walsh High School, Kathy went on to further her education attending Casper College.

For 15 years, Kathy worked for Salt Creek Freightways in Casper holding many positions.  She excelled to General Accounting Manager and held that position until she left the company in 1984. 

It was the following year that Kathy began her career at the Wyoming Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (WOGCC).  She started working at the Commission doing the conservation taxes.  She then became the Fiscal Control Officer in 1987 and four years later, aspired to the Management Services Officer.  

According to Kathy, it is in this leadership role that she has assisted others with their work or stepped in as a temporary replacement when needed.  “This has helped me learn many different positions and has provided me with a better understanding of my staff’s duties during evaluation processes,” states Kathy. 

With more than 30 years of experience, Kathy knows just about everything there is to know, from APDs to the offices’ heating system.  If you visit Kathy’s office, you will see framed certificates that blanket her wall and shelves.  One of many plaques that blanket her office's walls.They congratulate her for “another” five years of dedicated service, and rightly so.  Kathy will have been with the agency 33 ½ years this August when she plans on retiring.  

It will take her a while to gather up all those certificates, not to mention her extensive Elvis collection which she has displayed in her office over the years.  But, she’s already making plans for an exciting retirement of travel with her husband David starting with a cruise of the Inside Passage of Alaska along with a side trip to Denali. 

Kathy looks forward to more time with her daughter, Jennifer and her two grandsons, Kaden, 17, the millennium baby and Eli, soon to be 6, the leap year baby, not to mention pursuing her love for books, cross stitch, pinochle, and spending time with good friends.