Meet Lori McCoy!

At 19 years old Lori McCoy began her 37 year career with the State of Wyoming.  Lori started at DAFC as a keypunch operator on August 1, 1980 and then came to work at the Wyoming Oil & Gas Commission on July 1, 1981.  As Lori puts it, “…and the rest is history!”

Through the years, Lori’s career has entailed many roles.  From 1981-1987 Lori was the Clerical Specialist and Assistant to engineer Rick Marvel.  In this role, she helped create the process in which the seismic industry received approval for their projects in 1983, including rule changes and field tests of plugging material.

From 1987-2011, she served as assistant to Natural Resource Manager, Janie Nelson doing UIC program work,  seismic permitting, drilling and production pit approvals, spill reports, and working closely with the engineers.  During that period, Lori returned to college and enrolled in petroleum technology classes at Casper College.  This additional education allowed her to be reclassified as a Sr. Engineering Technician in 1990. 

Over the last six years, Lori has worked as the Office Support Specialist which includes being the Administrative Assistant to the Supervisor.  

So what’s her secret for such remarkable longevity?  “My quick wit and sense of humor,” notes Lori.  “It has helped me survive working at the Commission and through the ups and downs of the oil and gas industry all these years!” 

Born and raised in Casper Wyoming, Lori graduated from Kelly Walsh High School in 1979.  As a child she loved outdoor adventures such as biking, swimming, hiking, softball and volleyball.  When her daughter and son were children they travelled extensively throughout Wyoming, Montana and Colorado as her daughter was a competitive ice skater and her son was on a travelling soccer team.  These trips are some of her family’s favorite memories. 

Come 2018, Lori will have served the state of Wyoming 38 years and hopes to retire.  She looks forward to riding her 4-wheeler, going to movies, spending time with family, and being “Mimi” to her 4 year old twin grandsons.