Born in Thermopolis and raised in Newcastle, Field Inspector Supervisor Lucas Keeler is a lifelong resident of Wyoming.  From an early age, Lucas was exposed to the oil and gas industry in northeast Wyoming from his dad, Jerry Keeler, who has been involved in the industry since the 1950s.  Lucas has over 25 years of experience with jobs such as permitting, regulatory consulting and compliance, lease pumping, oil and gas title work, and roustabout work. 

Lucas also has an extensive background in the ranching industry.  His family came to Wyoming in 1901 and established the Meike Ranch, east of Kaycee.  In addition to Newcastle, the Sussex area became a second home to Lucas, and he has helped with the family’s sheep and cattle ranching operations since a young age.  While growing up on the ranch, Lucas’ love for the Border Collie began, and he has enjoyed training Border Collies and herding sheep in the Big Horns ever since. 

A 2001 graduate of Black Hills State University in Spearfish, SD with degrees in Human Resources and Business Administration, Lucas joined the WOGCC in 2011.  Since joining the Commission, Lucas has served as Natural Resource Technician, Natural Resource Analyst, and Field Inspector.  These duties have included tracking idle wells, show cause hearings, spill cleanup and response, management of E&P solids and fluids usage, pit and seismic permitting, pit sampling, examiner hearings, addressing landowner concerns, and field inspections.

Lucas currently supervises the WOGCC field inspectors in addition to his environmental regulatory duties.  With the WOGCC’s latest implementation of a field inspection app, Lucas foresees an increase in inspections and data collecting that will allow for better tracking of oil and gas operations and will help operators identify early compliance issues.  He feels that the key to proper field inspecting is to take in the entirety of one’s surroundings and conduct complete inspections when going to the field.  With the implementation of the field inspection application, he envisions this being accomplished with more consistency. 

Lucas and his wife Sara have two children, Peter and Alice.  They enjoy spending their time outdoors gardening, playing with their dogs and cats, landscaping, metal detecting, traveling, and rock hunting.