Meet Adam Smith, WOGCC’s new Engineer! 

Adam Smith was selected from a pool of applicants to fill the Engineer II position with the WOGCC.  Trayce Rauscher,  who held that position, recently moved with her family to Midland, TX leaving the position open. 

Though new to the position, Adam is not new to the WOGCC.  He interned with the agency as a natural resources intern in 2013 and for the last 2 1/2 years he has worked on WOGCC’s Orphan Wells Program, overseeing plugging operations in the Powder River Basin.  “Adam has a good deal of experience already with the WOGCC, which will help him quickly learn what all needs to be done in this role,” noted Supervisor Mark Watson.  “With the number of APD’s the agency receives each month, this was a critical piece in our decision.”

A graduate from the University of Tulsa, Adam holds a Petroleum Engineering degree with minors in Geosciences and Music.  During his studies, he served as an undergraduate research assistant at the university’s Horizontal Well Artificial Lift Projects research consortium assisting in research on end of tubing placement effects on the multiphase flow behavior in horizontal wells.

Originally from Tulsa, Adam has a wide range of hobbies and accomplishments.  As an outdoor enthusiast, he enjoys sailing, rock climbing and mountaineering;  and in 2016, climbed Mt. Rainier.  His musical ambitions include playing the guitar and being an accomplished violinist.  Having played violin for 15 years, Adam was a member of the Powder River Symphony during the 2015-2016 season.