From hairdresser to GIS, Jodi May likes designing things, especially maps. Or how she describes it - Creating “concrete data, but with a touch of art…”     

A Wyoming native, she was born in Newcastle and has lived in Casper since she was nine.  As an adult, Jodi worked as a hairstylist before going on and 

earning her BA degree at the University of Wyoming in Social Science with an emphasis on Sociology, Psychology, Political Science, and Communication. 

However, it was when she worked on contract with the BLM on a joint project with WOGCC that she was introduced to mapping software.  And the rest is history.  She loved it and decided to go back to school. “I got to work with ArcView and that really interested me.  So, in addition to my BA, I went back to college and got an Associate degree in GIS. “ 

After completing the four-year joint project with the BLM and WOGCC, she worked for a company that did archeological studies for the BLM and then went on to work at True Oil. 

Eventually, Jodi came back to the WOGCC and has been with the agency for five years.  Jodi’s duties include reviewing all types of pit permits and seismic projects, yet her favorite thing is working on maps.

When Jodi isn't designing concrete data with a touch of art, she spends her time reading, binge-watching Netflix, and kayaking, which is her newest hobby.