The WOGCC employees put out in full force for their first donation drive since COVID-19 hit.  All through the month of October, the generosity flooded the front hall at the Oil and Gas Commission's offices as employees brought everything from bedding to kitchen cookware to help support Mimi's House.  

Brandi Collins who is an employee at the WOGCC and who also sits on WOGCC’s Volunteer and Donation Committee stated that Victim Services of the Casper Police Department had contacted the WOGCC about partnering on a donation drive for Mimi's House.  According to Collins, some of the young ladies at Mimi's House will in time be ready to move out and be on their own. One of the goals of Mimi's House is to assist them with this transition. “Mimi’s House was in need of items that would help furnish their apartments and provide them with an optimal start. It was the perfect opportunity,” said Collins.  “Our committee had been discussing doing a donation drive for Mimi’s House for some time, and we were ready to start up our monthly drives again.”

Mimi's House is all about assisting and inspiring homeless youth by providing a warm, family style environment for Casper youth ages sixteen to nineteen.  The goal is to help these youth build a self-sufficient life by imparting the life skills that will aid them to transition into adulthood and succeed in life.  

After the donations were delivered, Mimi's House posted the following on their FaceBook Page:

"Today all of our hearts are full!❤️
As the Oil and Gas Conservation along with the Casper PD partnered up to help support our house!
All these donations were generously donated by them. They stepped up and helped make sure our
girls have basic necessities to move out once they are ready to do so!

This means so much to us and our program!

Thank you."

And THANK YOU Mimi's House! The WOGCC employees are honored to have helped!