The WOGCC requests bids for several projects associated with our Orphan Well Program throughout the year. All service contractors interested in becoming a vendor for WOGCC must first register with State Construction at  Once on their website, choose the "Procurement" tab along the top and scroll down until you see the “register with public purchase” tab on the left hand side after the list of current bids.

Once registered with State Construction, contractors will receive notifications of open bidding as soon as WOGCC submits a project to Public Purchase.

General orphan well package information:

WOGCC builds packages of orphan wells based on geographical and logistical elements in the field. The bidding contractor (or their declared 3rd parties) are responsible for removing surface equipment, pulling tubing and wire, setting cast iron retainers, placing cement and/or bentonite, cutting/capping, and hauling equipment to specified laydown yards.  The bidding contractors are also responsible for maintaining daily project updates to WOGCC inspection staff and other bid related details.

Please contact Casey Toner, Sr. Inspection Specialist, with any questions pertaining to this process.