WOGCC Supervisor Mark Watson recently presented to the Wyoming Minerals, Business & Economic Development Committee on the topics of Operatorship and APD Issues, Split Estate and Bonding, and Force Pooling.  

Supervisor Watson noted that over the last several years, the state of Wyoming has seen a switch in the approach and goals of the oil and gas industry.  He pointed out that in some cases there is a growing focus on a company’s short term goals verses the customary long term goals of drilling and producing the state’s natural resources of oil and gas. This dichotomy has brought a need to develop policies and rules that maintain a business environment, but also promote the development of our resources.  

Watson stated that the WOGCC has been at the forefront managing these issues and developing solutions.  The agency has purposed to move wisely to ensure appropriate measures are taken while analyzing the best solutions for a changing industry.  To date, over 14 policies have been incorporated over the last few years.  Through these efforts, the WOGCC has reached out to oil and gas operators and other stakeholders for input in order to protect an appropriate business environment.  

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