Ultra Petroleum recently presented the WOGCC with an oil painting of a drilling rig in the Riverside Area along the New Fork River in Sublette County, Wyoming.   Artist Daniel J. Krause from Big Piney is a Petroleum Engineer and professionally consulted for Ultra for many years.  Driving through the field in 2005 he captured this setting on his camera.  "Being a petroleum engineer and having spent my share of time on drilling rigs, I see beauty in a rig just as I do in nature.  I was taken by the scene and found it breathtaking," describes Krause.   Ten years later he decided to paint it in appreciation to Ultra Petroleum and to symbolize the heyday of the early Pinedale Anticline development.  

Shown left to right are Ultra Petroleum's Director of Land Craig Blancett, Sr. Regulatory Environmental Analyst Jasmine Allison, and  Sr. Reservoir Developer Justin Sandifer presenting the painting to WOGCC's Deputy Supervisor Tom Kropatsch, Engineer Patrick Amole, and Supervisor Mark Watson.

The WOGCC has several pieces of art of the oil and gas industry as well as historical photos and memorabilia showcased in the WOGCC facility that date back to the early 1900's.