A new program has emerged for homeless teens in Casper - the Unaccompanied Student Initiative (USI) Casper branch.  The organization provides housing for students that do not have a place to live.  

Over the last several weeks, USI has been busy getting the facility that will house the students ready and taking donations of various sorts to help meet the needs of the program and the students. “This is something we couldn’t wait to have our employees participate in with a donation drive,” noted Kimberly Mazza, WOGCC’s Sr. PR Specialist.  “Our folks are very caring and generous and we knew this would pull on their heartstrings.”

Two large totes that included items from cleaning supplies to fingernail polish were filled with contributions.  WOGCC employee DeeAnne Parker delivered the totes to the newly remodeled home and received a tour from Greta Hinderliter and her service dog Finley. (DeeAnne, Finley, and Greta are pictured to the left in the newly remodeled kitchen of the the home.)

Hinderliter has been the powerhouse behind the USI Casper branch program.  She understands firsthand how much this program is needed since she has been the homeless student liason for Natrona County School District for 21 years. 

“We hope down the road as students get settled in at the new home and other needs arise, that we can do more,” stated Mazza.  “We know there will be on-going needs, and we want to be a part of the solution.”

For more information, or to donate or volunteer, please contact USI at Home4Youth@usinitiative.org

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