University of Wyoming Students Attend Oil and Gas Hearings

Students from the University of Wyoming’s School of Energy Resources (SER) attended the Wyoming Oil and Gas Conservation Commission’s (WOGCC) hearings this month.  Several attendees are part of the University’s Landman Program and others are third year law students.  

Each year, School of Energy Resources Associate Professor of Law and Director of the Academic Program in Professional Land Management Tara Righette and academic professional lecturer in the School of Energy Resources and oil and gas attorney Kris Koski lead the field trip to provide students with a real-life opportunity on how the WOGCC functions.

The students listened to the show causes and flaring applications that came before the Commissioners and sat in on several examiner hearings to witness firsthand the science that goes behind well spacing and other permitting requests.  Professor Koski noted that the students have been learning about topics such as drilling and spacing units and increased density.  Koski stated that these experiences are especially helpful for the students education as they bring what they are learning in the classroom to real life. 

Wrapping up the day, the students toured the agency’s many offices and visited with staff members to understand the various roles of the WOGCC’s staff and to also learn the history of the agency and the oil and gas industry in Wyoming.  

To the left:  Students gather in the hall of the WOGCC offices to listen to staff member Debbie Bagner explain the process for filing an application for a permit to drill, also known as an APD.