WOGCC Employees Volunteer at Food for Thought

Employees at the Wyoming Oil and Gas Conservation Commission are giving back to the community by volunteering at Natrona County’s Food For Thought and contributing food items.  Each month employees head to the organizations headquarters to participate in an assembly line that puts together bags of food items for more than 700 children that may not have access to food over the weekends and holidays.  The bags are supplied with six kid-friendly meals.

“We were all touched by the vast amount of children that are in this situation, states DeeAnne Parker, a long-time employee at WOGCC.  This was an organization that reached a sector that is vulnerable to their environment; it feels uplifting to know you are helping in some small way.”

With the tremendous response to get involved, WOGCC can provide volunteers each month of the year.

Additionally, food boxes are located at the agency’s offices and next to the hearing room for employees and those attending the Commission hearings to donate Food For Thought’s food of the month.  A notice goes out to regular attendees of the hearings letting them know the monthly item if they want to make a contribution.  At the end of the month, DeeAnne delivers the contributions to Food For Thought to be used in the children’s food bags.

“It is very heart-warming to see not only our employees, but lawyers and oil and gas companies donate so generously when they come to the hearings each month.  Those of us at the oil and gas commission want to thank everyone for being so responsive to such a critical need,” noted DeeAnne.

For more information about Food For Thought, please visit their website by clicking here.  

(Photo Caption:  L to R WOGCC Employees DeeAnne Parker, Bonding department, Deputy Supervisor Tom Kropatsch and Administrative Assistant Lori McCoy stuff food in sacks that are delivered to schools throughout Natrona to serve more than 700 children)