Besides playing a part in slowing down oil and gas operations in Wyoming, the coronavirus slowed down the WOGCC's volunteer programs.  In fact, it pretty much brought it to a stand-still.  "We usually have a donation drive each month and then try to find a project in which we can volunteer using our state-allowed time," notes WOGCC Sr. PR Specialist Kimberly Mazza.  The state of Wyoming allows a certain amount of time each year for state employees to use for volunteering.  "We have taken advantage of that thoughtful provision by offering opportunities for our employees to get involved with," said Mazza.

This year; however, played out a bit differently.  With some of the staff teleworking (a.k.a. working from home) and so many community programs on hold, it wasn't feasible to coordinate opportunities. "This month saw the first project we did all year," stated Mazza.  The City of Casper recently started back up its Keep Casper Beautiful program allowing WOGCC employees to pick up trash along King Blvd where the agency's offices are located.  "It was a beautiful fall day and there was plenty of trash to collect. Several of us put on those lovely fluorescent orange vests that the city provides and collected about eight big bags of trash," she said  

Mazza said it feels good to be back at it and making a difference.  She also noted that come October, the Commission will be partnering up with the Casper Police Department to collect items for Mimi's House." 

Anyone that would like to make a donation to Mimi's House, please see the list below.  Donations can be dropped of at the Victim Services offices at the Casper Police Department.