WOGCC Wraps Up 2017 Volunteer Efforts Delivering 2710 Meals


To wrap up their volunteer efforts for 2017, eight WOGCC employees teamed up to help deliver Food for Thought boxes that will supply food deprived children with meals over the Christmas break.  

“We are all sore from lifting the 271 boxes we delivered to 12 Natrona County schools, but it was well worth it,” notes WOGCC Kimberly Mazza.  “Each box contained about 10 meals.  That equates to 2710 meals that we delivered.  It truly was a labor of love!”

Additionally, a big “thank you” goes out to the 20 WOGCC employees that volunteered during 2017.   Their time, energy and food donations helped provide meals each month to 670 food deprived children in Natrona County.  WOGCC would also like to thank those companies and individuals that contributed towards the WOGCC food drives at the agency’s hearings each month.