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The WOGCC's final rules have received all necessary approvals

for the regulation of Commercial Class II Disposal Wells.

As of April 28, 2021 owners/operators may submit applications to the WOGCC for these types of wells. A guidance document has been prepared to detail the information necessary for the WOGCC to convert existing Class II disposal wells, convert existing Class I Commercial Disposal Wells, and to permit new Commercial Class II Disposal wells and is available here.

For any further questions please contact Tom Kropatsch or Joe Scott.


Our History

In 1951, the Wyoming Oil and Gas Conversation Act was established, and through this act, the Wyoming Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (WOGCC) and its role in regulating oil and gas was formed. As outlined in the Conservation Act, the WOGCC is charged primarily with preventing the waste of oil and gas and protecting correlative rights for Wyoming. The WOGCC works alongside many other agencies in the state that also play a role in providing a balanced approach for the industry and Wyoming.

Our Mission

The Wyoming Oil and Gas Conservation Commission is committed to regulating oil and gas activities in a manner that ensures responsible development and management of Wyoming's oil and gas resources and provides appropriate environmental stewardship for Wyoming citizens.