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Latest Updates

  • Job Posting: The Wyoming Attorney General's Office seeks an attorney to represent the Wyoming Oil and Gas Conservation Commission and its Supervisor. For more information, click here .

  • Wildcat or Exploratory Well Definition: The Commission voted to open standard rulemaking to address the definition for Wildcat, amending Chapter 1. The proposed definition is as follows:



Section 2. Definitions.

(nnn) Wildcat or Exploratory Well means any oil or gas well reasonably determined by the Wyoming Oil and Gas Conservation Commission to be outside a known field, to have discovered oil or gas in a pool not previously proven productive, or other factors that cause a significant increase in the risk associated with the well.

There will be a public comment period during the rulemaking process. Please watch the website for updates.

  • Proposed Rule - Chapters 3 and 5 The Commission approved the recommended rule in Chapter 3, Section 7 and Chapter 5, Section 5. Links to the comments received by the Commission, the Commission's responses to those comments and the final rule are below.

Comments Received by the Commission

Responses to comments

Final Rule

  • The Commission received the Attorney General's opinion on March 15, 2022 regarding 30-5-109(d) and has voted to waive its attorney-client privilege related to the opinion. The Attorney General's legal opinion my be read here.

  • Filing Changes: The Commission is changing two filing requirements for hearings. The changes relate to deadlines for application filings and the process for filing DSUs.

-For details and more information, click here.

-Updated filing deadlines are found under the Hearings tab under Hearings Docket and Information.

  • Job opening for Engineer in Casper. Please click here for more information.

  • Commission Hearings Update: The WOGCC hearings are now being held in person the second Tuesday of each month at 9 a.m. A YouTube link to watch the hearings will be posted on the website the morning of hearings. It is strongly encouraged for everyone providing testimony to the Commission to attend in person. However, if remote testimony is necessary due to an inability to travel to the hearings, please contact the WOGCC as soon as possible to ensure remote testimony can be accommodated.


Our History

In 1951, the Wyoming Oil and Gas Conservation Act was established, and through this act, the Wyoming Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (WOGCC) and its role in regulating oil and gas was formed. As outlined in the Conservation Act, the WOGCC is charged primarily with preventing the waste of oil and gas and protecting correlative rights for Wyoming. The WOGCC works alongside many other agencies in the state that also play a role in providing a balanced approach for the industry and Wyoming.

Our Mission

The Wyoming Oil and Gas Conservation Commission is committed to regulating oil and gas activities in a manner that ensures responsible development and management of Wyoming's oil and gas resources and provides appropriate environmental stewardship for Wyoming citizens.