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Are you a new operator to Wyoming? If so, below is a listing of topics and contacts you will need.

1. Register with the Secretary of State’s Office. The link is http://soswy.state.wy.us/

2. Complete the Registration for Oil and Gas Operations (Form 22) found on the WOGCC website at http://wogcc.wyo.gov under the “Forms” option on the home page, select “Operator Registration Form (22) in the box, highlight it and click on the bucking horse. A contact for that form is liz.branson@wyo.gov. An Operator Code will be assigned upon receipt of this Registration Form.

3. Bonding: Bonding is relative to the mineral ownership. State minerals require a bond with the Office of Public Lands and Investments. The contact for this information is dianna.wolvin@wyo.gov; federal minerals are bonded with the BLM in the county the well(s) is in; fee/patented minerals are bonded with the Oil & Gas Commission. The contact for this information is liz.branson@wyo.gov.

4. Applications for Permit to Drill (APD): On our website home page, please click on “download” or “forms” and highlight “How to File APD Instructions” and click on the bucking horse. You may also contact stephanie.lichty@wyo.gov.

5. Production Reports for all wells must be submitted to the WOGCC. For more information please contact sharon.mathisen@wyo.gov.

6. Conservation Taxes are paid to the WOGCC – for more information on that, please contact myra.zimbelman@wyo.gov.

7. Severance and Ad Valorem taxes are paid to the Department of Revenue. Their link is http://revenue.wyo.gov/. They will also assign the “group number”.