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Are you a new operator to Wyoming? If so, below is a listing of topics and contacts you will need.

1. Register with the Secretary of State’s Office. The link is http://soswy.state.wy.us/

2. Complete the Registration for Oil and Gas Operations (Form 22) is found on the WOGCC website at http://wogcc.wyo.gov under the “Forms” option on the home page, select “Operator Registration Form (22) in the box, highlight it and click on the bucking horse. A contact for that form is deeanne.parker@wyo.gov. An Operator Code will be assigned upon receipt of this Registration Form.

3. Bonding: Bonding is relative to the mineral ownership. State minerals require a bond with the Office of Public Lands and Investments. The contact for this information is emma.vanvlack@wyo.gov; federal minerals are bonded with the BLM in the county the well(s) is in; fee/patented minerals are bonded with the Oil & Gas Commission. The contact for this information is deeanne.parker@wyo.gov.

4. Applications for Permit to Drill (APD). On our website home page, please click on “download” or “forms” and highlight “How to File APD Instructions” and click on the bucking horse. You may also contact stephanie.lichty@wyo.gov.

5. Production Reports for all wells must be submitted to the WOGCC. For more information please contact Sherrill.ondler@wyo.gov or sharon.mathisen@wyo.gov.

6. Conservation Taxes are paid to the WOGCC – for more information on that, please contact myra.zimbelman@wyo.gov.

7. Severance and Ad Valorem taxes are paid to the Department of Revenue. Their link is http://revenue.wyo.gov/. They will also assign the “group number”.