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Wyoming Petroleum Association of Wyoming's Latest Data

The Petroleum Association of Wyoming (PAW) recently released their updated brochure that reflects important facts and figures regarding the oil and gas industry in Wyoming for 2017.

According to the association’s publication, the average rig count for 2017 was 22 with sales of crude oil production totaling 76 million barrels and gas production totaling 1,562 trillion cubic feet for the year. There were 355 companies /operators that produced Wyoming’s crude oil and 228 that produced natural gas.

Approximately 10,598 wells produced oil and 14,518 produced gas (6,505 of the gas wells being coalbed natural gas producers) for a total of 25,116 producing wells in the state.

PAW reported that Wyoming’s petroleum industry directly employed over 7,000 people in 2017 with an annual payroll of over $668 million. Additionally, the industry contributed to the state through taxes, royalty payments and lease revenues more than $900 million for the year.

This brochure, which includes additional information, can be found on PAW’s website at www.pawyo.org