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New WellFinder App Now Available

The Wyoming Oil and Gas Conservation Commission is making available to the public a new app called WellFinder. Deputy Supervisor Kropatsch has been instrumental in launching the new app that compliments the E-Filing software called RBDMS that the agency launched in July of 2018. According to Kropatsch, WellFinder is one more tool from the agency to provide information to the public in the most up-to-date way. The app has been designed specifically to assist anyone interested in locating Wyoming oil and gas wells and permits and related information. "We anticipate this app being a valuable resource for first responders, inspectors, and anyone that is interested in where a well might be located," he stated.

WellFinder acts like google map having a map base with filters that can be selected. The map will show where the user is in proximity to the well or permit, or it can provide directions to a specific site. By zooming into a well on the map, basic information on the well can be pulled up. Users can then use that information to do more in-depth research on the agency's website.

"It's a great tool and easy to use," noted Kropatsch. "We hope the public finds it valuable and takes advantage of this resource."

The app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store for Android phones or the Apple App Store for IPhones.

For additional information or questions, please call Kimberly Mazza at 307-233-9909.