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WOGCC Attends Laramie County Oil and Gas Meetings

WOGCC Supervisor Mark Watson was one of five panelists at a recent meeting hosted by the Powder River Basin Recourse Council regarding oil and gas activity in Laramie County. Panelists answered a number of questions from the audience regarding area operations, water usage, and emergency response and permitting of pipelines. Other panelists were Deputy Director of DEQ Alan Edwards, Lisa Lindemann from the Groundwater Division of the State Engineer Office; Justin Arnold with Laramie County Planning and Development, Public Works; and Matt Butler from Laramie County Emergency Services, Operations.

Supervisor Mark Watson and Deputy Supervisor Tom Kropatsch also attended the Laramie County quarterly oil and gas meeting, which is open to the public and provides an opportunity for stakeholders to ask questions of county officials and oil and gas companies operating in the county as well as hearing updates from the companies regarding their plans in the area.